Instacanvas or how to make money with your photos Instagram.

Unfortunately we are not going precisely because the best economic moment in history, however internet increasingly surprises us with new opportunities that allow us to turn our hobby into a small source of income or even in a stable that can live work. A few days ago we discovered one of these curious opportunities; Instacanvas, a web platform to make money with your photos Instagram.

It is true that every day we discover new businesses created around Instagram, but as we talked in his day Jewelgram, the website that converts your photos Instagram Hack in jewelry, today it is the turn of Instacanvas, a web platform with a model business really interesting and surely revolutionize the photography market in the medium term.

But … what is Instacanvas?

As defined by their own creators, Instacanvas is a market that allows users to buy and sell Instagram photos as beautiful pieces of natural art. Its creators say that despite the youth of its platform, Instacanvas is growing at a good pace and already have tens of thousands of galleries from over 30 countries.

In short, we could say that Instacanvas is a web platform that acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the photographer, in charge of printing your photos and subsequent delivery to the ultimate purchaser.

autorize-application in instagram

Instacanvas obviously a good portion of the sale of your photos, takes around 80% or maybe something less. In return they give you the opportunity for your photos to be seen by hundreds of thousands of people and of course, earn some money with them.

How do I sell my photos from Instagram in Instacanvas?

Although at first glance seems something really complex, Instacanvas is responsible for doing the hard work for you, so you should only focus on hager good pictures and upload them on your Instagram profile.

If you start to accumulate a bunch of followers on your Instagram account and think that people appreciate your captures, then it is time to start to monetize your photos Instacanvas, and it just follow these steps:

  • Enter the website of Instacanvas and connect with your Instagram account. To do this click on the “Sell your photos” in the upper right bar and then the yellow button “Connect with Instagram” button.
  • After a page where you asks you warrant that Instacanvas connect to your Instagram profile appears. Click on the button “Authorize”.
  • Now enter your email address and a brief description about you, then click on “Get Started”.
  • If all goes well, you are viewing a page with 3 tips you should follow and a yellow button that says “Create My Gallery”, click on it.
  • Finally, choose the photos you want to include in your gallery, save your changes and click the “Open the Gallery” button to open your gallery to the public and anyone can buy your photos.
  • At the moment Paypal is the only method available to collect your winnings Instacanvas. Therefore, to make the collection possible you must indicate the e-mail address that you created your Paypal account. How to do it? Very easy.

vender photos instagram

  • Enter Instacanvas and click “My Gallery” top right of the page.
  • Now go to the “Settings” section and then click “Account Settings” tab.
  • Finally write the email with which you created your Paypal account and click “Save Settings”.

As you’ve seen, Instacanvas is certainly a comfortable and unique way to make money with your photos Instagram. So do not doubt your potential and create your own gallery now.

Clash Royale Free deck Builder – The best game of this decade

clash royale hacken




This guide will go over some handy Clash Royale tips and tricks for beginners looking for their first victory. In early March, the makers of Clash of Clans a new real-time strategy game from quickly jumped to the top of the download charts. If you just want to try something different or stuck in Arena 4 and (like me) heavily frustrated was because you lost, read on for some helpful Clash Royale tips.
With Clash Royale battle against enemies in real time. Players must both attacks asdefense, it’s all about the right strategy. How larger and more troops you use, the longer you have to wait until your Elixir is recharged again for the deployment of more troops. In the beginning you will have to get used to it but thanks to these tips you will be well on its way to becoming a Clash Royale Grand Master.


Spend Gold Wisely


Gold is the most important currency in Clash Royale. It is to earn by winning fights,or from daily chests that players get free every four hours. The more battles you win, the more boxes you can unlock. Some last for three hours to unlock, some take eight, and even 12 hours. That 12 hours I start usually when I go to bed.
With Clash Royale upgrade we troops by getting more cards of the same nature. And while it is important to update them as you progress in the game it is not convenient to everything right away but to update as it can. You want a good variety in maps, but some troops in the first few levels are not worth up to degrees. For me are that the Bombers. They are very weak and you can use the gold later much better!
Have variety in your deck
The most important thing for beginners is to set up your battle deck. There are three different decks that you can put together and so handy. Each unit has a number of Elixir costs. It is important that you not only have 2-3 units in your deck. But also not too many 5 ‘s so you can play almost no map.
It is a good idea to build your deck as a mix of different cards. So have your deck that allows you many sides on can. My deck consists of: Giants, skeletons (as a diversion for when the Giant to the attacks is) and splash damage units such as the Baby Dragon or the Valkyrie Chick. The Dragon and Falcon do splash damage, and so withevery hit a number of units and buildings that are close together. This is important:My intercept incoming Valkries units like Giants while my other troops the towers ofthe opponent attacks!
A good variation of high and low level units is very important. Just like mixing ground and air units. Used the opponent especially ground units? Throw a dragon between while you on the other side a tower picks up.
Use Skeleton Attacks
There are several types of Skeleton troops and they are all, except the Giant Skeleton, super weak. Especially against arrow attacks Despite that the Skeletons are a super great way to the opponent to suffer. Drop behind the skeletons a Tank unit and you do within no time super much damage.

Parents Just Don’t Understand!

I just recently started reading manhwas and webtoons so here are the best ones for me so far. Monday Night Combat (& Super MNC) aim to bridge the gap between the FPS and MOBA games with a very fun and successful hybrid. After watching the first eight episodes premiere on Nicktoons, this examiner can agree with the popular opinion of other fans that this is very much the new Dragonball Z experience we’ve been waiting for…its certainly better than Dragonball Evolution.

The concentration level required for this genre is moderate which is why FPS games are popular among both experienced as well as amateur gamers. No dia 03 de dezembro, canal de TV por Assinatura History Channel publicou as hashtags #ELDATO e #HOYENLAHISTORIA (no Brasil, #HOJENAHISTÓRIA), na fanpage History Latinoamérica Facebook, para lembrar seus visitantes do aniversário de Dragon Ball. The game features 3 playable races and even co-op functionality which is always a favourite feature of mine for games that I play. This novel is a sequel to Day of the Dragon and a sequel of sorts to the Shadow Wing series.

I’m a Dragonball Z fan since childhood so coming up with the Top 10 Strongest Dragonball Z Characters is relatively easy. Online games provide a friendly interface which is easy to understand and people want to share this entertainment. Owing to the rich experience of our employees, we are able to reach our main goal: achieving perfection in the world of mobile video games such as the dragon city hack on facebook.

You can play solo or team up with a friend to take on hordes of the living dead providing hours of entertainment. It is considered by many to be not only one of the best action-adventure games of all time, but also one of the best games of any genre — sometimes even just the best game ever, period. For example, you will find that some of our games offer you the chance to win bonus points in the form of gold rings.

Now that Fight Night has punched its way to the top of the video game world, PlayStaion Fight Night Round Four brawlers can step into the ring, duke it out and play video games for money. Many with blood, shooting, and action in other forms are rated T for Teens as well as M for Mature. The animated television series (or to be simple, the anime) came out three years after the first publication of the manga in 2004 and has been keeping us entertained until its episode 366 that came out in 2012. Multiple anime series based on the Pokémon universe were created, with hundreds of episodes in total. They can play instant win games and immediately know whether they have won a prize.

Whether a professional or an amateur sportsperson, La Manga Club Academies will take your performance to the next level. All future Games with Gold titles for Xbox 360 will be playable on Xbox One, giving you double the free games to play each month. Deathmatch and capture-the-flag modes feature full PvP combat, which might appeal to gamers who want a bit of action besides building/crafting. A good amount of these games give you the selection to pick the clothing and also take on other various tasks to utilize the clothing. The controls of Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker are annoying, speciallywhile navigating the overworld interpret.

COC Tipps en trucos

Geen schild verleend zelfs indien de verdediging verloren was? (FAQ)
Schilden zijn anders actief sinds de nieuwe update:
Stadhuis vernietiging niet langer verleent een schild voor de verdediger; Breng uw stadhuis binnen! Ten minste 30% van vernietiging is noodzakelijk om een schild, en de aanvaller moet voldoende troepen te implementeren.
Om dit te compenseren, kunt u nu de aanval terwijl afgeschermdhet zal niet breken het gehele schild, maar in plaats daarvan een kleine hoeveelheid van het aftrekken. Denk aan uw schild als een hulpbron.
Geen Loot uit stadhuis/Clan Castle(FAQ)
De spelers moeten er rekening mee dat ze niet zijn gegarandeerd van de buit. Stadhuizen slaan alleen de buit die is verzameld en Clan kasteel van oorlog winnen bonussen.
Als u een van de loot in een stadhuis of Clan kasteel, moet u het volledig vernietigen
Stadhuizen en kastelen Clash of clans zijn niet immuun voor schadelijke spreuken, watbetekent dat u kunt aardbeving of Lightning spreuken hen sneller omlaag brengen
Soorten schild na een defence(FAQ)


Verlies van verdediging garandeert niet een schild en degenen die niet een schild krijgen na de nederlaag spelers zijn gezegend met een bewaker van dorp gedurende15 minuten tot 3 uur afhankelijk van het niveau van de League.
De lengte van het schild is afhankelijk van het percentage van de vernietiging die was opgelopen door de speler:
  • Een 12-uursschild korting 30% vernietiging
  • Een schild van 14 uur wordt verleend op 60% vernietiging
  • Een 16 uur schild wordt verleend op 90% vernietiging
  • Echter geen schild is verleend als de aanvaller niet voor ten minste 33% van een volledige leger implementeert doet, op basis van het niveau van het stadhuis van de defender
  • Stadhuis en Clan Loot uitleg
Stadhuizen kunt opslaan meer loot na de nieuwe update, die gelijk is aan ongeveer1 goud, 1 elixer en een maximum van 20% van donkere Elixir opslagplaatsen. Het bedrag van lootable beschikbare middelen zal afhangen van de verdediger stadhuis niveau. Dus, als een speler hogere stadhuis heeft, dan verwachten meer middelen moeten worden opgeslagen.
Goblins zullen behandelen dubbele schadevergoeding naar Stadhuis en het kasteelvan de Clan slechts twee verschil:
  • Zowel het stadhuis en het kasteel van de Clan moeten volledig worden vernietigd tot beloning bronnen
  • Ze zijn niet immuun voor spreuken.
Leger verhoogt, de duur en de kosten is neer met 50%


Merk op dat de spelers hun helden en leger opbouwen gedurende één uur kunnenworden gestimuleerd, maar kost hen vijf edelstenen, eerder het kostte hen 10 edelstenen voor twee uur.


De impuls zal toenemen productiesnelheid door 4 X van gebouwen zoals barakken,donkere kazerne, Spell fabriek en donkere Spell fabriek. De genezing tarief voor elke held kan worden verviervoudigd met behulp van edelstenen.


Toename van het dorp grootte


Het nieuwe stadhuis 11update heeft de grootte van het dorp met 20% verhoogd. Zonder zich te mengen in het huidige dorp lay-out van een speler, Supercell aan de buitenste randen van het gebied van bruikbare dorp toegevoegd.


De obstakels die zou zijn geweest buiten het gebied zal er verbleven en die op hetgebied van de bruikbare kaart waren verplaatst naar binnen.


Afname van de helende effect van meerdere Healers


Deze update zal vermindering van de helende werking van meerdere genezers zien.“Het stapelen effect van meerdere Healers begint te dalen na 4 genezers, en keldertheel dramatisch na 6 genezers,” Supecell opgemerkt.


Voorbereidingsdag in Clan Wars verminderd


De voorbereidingsdag voor Clan Wars is teruggebracht tot 23 uur, dus korte snijdenvan het wachten op de dag van de slag bij actie. De update zal ook laten clans verklaren Clan Wars op hetzelfde uur om de twee dagen.

Clash Royale game | Play Beautifully



Clash Royale: Tips for beginners
At the beginning, you should pay attention to a balanced mixture for the units. Thisalso applies to the game later. Take not just powerful units costing much Elixir.
Not expires in panic if you sit the opponents under pressure, or if a tower is lost. Who is hasty, has already lost.
When fight time is only one minute, immediately throw not all units to the front. Make also sure that your towers, as well as the Kings Tower (the Tower in the middle) are protected.
Question for you: what tips can you players give, starting with clash Royale ?


Tip from our readers of Author


Hannes proposes the first use of a giant, as well as a remote battle group. Then best to always repeat that until you got to the first tower. Then he would put on defensive and wait what the opponent is doing.


He proposes a so-called Prince tactics for players at level 3. While the Player sends in only a force, which holds out much and then a force with flying units. Hannes often used the balloon and then used the Prince. He then repeatedly continues this tactic until the enemy is defeated.


Clash Royale: deck tips
Who a victory in clash Royale will retract, For more gems and gold in clash royale visit our webiste named for its authority clash royale hack. needs not only a clever tactic, but also a good deck of cards. Important: The perfect deck of cards does not exist, nor the perfect tactics. In order to be successful in clash Royale you should keep in mind these tips.


As mentioned in the Einsteiger
tipps: not only expensive units take up. Nor, it is advisable to carry only cheap units in the field.
As a rule of thumb: you should record units, which are fast, that can be effective against flying units, can quickly destroy the towers as well as units that focus on the defensive (for example defence towers).
Adjusts your maps to your preferences. Who so like to aggressive play, recorded units that in quickly to play out. However, if you choose a more defensive tactics, relies on units that hold a lot. But here goes: the mix.
Question for you: what cards do you have in your clash Royale deck and why you recorded just these cards (please with level indication)?


Clash Royale : tactics and strategies
Who not quickly responds and just only his units on the field sent enough on the actions of the opponent, has Royale clash no chance. The player should consider all right, how he wants to make a match. To give some assistance, you will find some simple strategies.


Waiting is full at the beginning of the elixir display (10) and your cards until then plays out.
Shields your ranged through powerful combat units. A bomber sent to example a giant before and behind that.
Secures your victory: If you have already destroyed a tower of the enemy, are you an advantage and can respond very well to the attacks of the enemy. Especially with equally strong players, it is advisable to focus on the defensive after the destruction of the tower.
If it emerges that one of your towers destroyed, send dear troops to the enemy Tower.